Can I use my eyeglass prescription to order contact lenses?

No, there is a difference in the prescriptions and the prescription for your glasses will not be the same as for your contacts

Can I sleep in my contacts?

We do not recommend sleeping in your contacts, it is best to take them out every night and make sure to rinse them with solution thoroughly. If you have more questions, you can speak with the doctor during your exam.

How old should my child be before I let them wear contacts?

This is completely up to your discretion. We recommend waiting until your child is at a pre-teen age; however, if you feel contacts would benefit your child and that they are responsible enough to wear them appropriately they are free to start wearing contacts as you feel fit.

Can I order contacts through you?

Absolutely. As long as your prescription is current we will gladly order your contacts for you and call you as soon as they come in.

Can you over wear contacts?

Yes. Your contacts are made for occasional use only, they are not to be used to “fix” your vision. Daily contacts should be worn 1 day and then thrown out, monthly contacts should be worn for 1 month and then disposed of. Monthly contacts need to be washed out with solution every night.