• After your eye exam, if you are in need of prescription glasses we have a wide variety of frames to choose from. Our opticians are here to help you pick out the best frames for you.
  • We carry both plastic and metal frames for all ages. Some of the common brands we carry include: Real tree, London Fog, Betsey, Johnson, Scott Harris, Takumi, Cinzia, Stepper, Callaway, Ted Baker, Wildflower, Tura, Brendel, Charmant.


    • We offer a wide variety of options for lenses depending upon your prescription and personal wants.
    • Transition tint (darker outside)
    • Anti-reflective coating
    • Tinting (both solid or gradient tints)
    • Scratch coating (slows the amount of scratches on your lenses from wear and tear overtime)


    • We offer competitive pricing to major online competitors.

    Package Deal

    • Instead of offering a discount towards a second pair of frames we often buy top of the line frames at a discounted rateand pass those discounts on to you. These discounts make it easy to buy two frames for nearly the price of 1. Stop by to see the prices and frames listed to get you the best deal on your glasses…..exclusions may apply.

      General Questions

      Why do I need to see an eye doctor if I see just fine?

      There are many things that happen to your eyes daily that can affect the future health of your eyes. Just because you see well today doesn’t mean that there isn’t something going on with your eyes even if you don’t have symptoms that might cause serious damage, even blindness, if it’s not monitored closely.

      I was told my prescription is expired, I can still see fine, why can’t I get new glasses or contacts?

      Some people tend to think that once you’ve been to the optometrist and have a contact lens your prescription is good as long as you can see. This is not the case. The prescription for your glasses and/or contacts is the same as any other prescription medication your primary care doctor would prescribe. They eventually expire and you need to be seen again before you an order more glasses/contacts to make sure that your vision hasn’t changed and there aren’t any underlying issues with your eyes.

      How long is my prescription good for?

      Each clinic has different regulations for the length of the prescription. At our location your prescription is usually valid for two years, some exceptions may apply.

      Does your office fix/adjust frames?

      At our office, we try our best to fix/adjust all frames. However, sometimes they are just not fixable. If that is the case will work with you to find the best option available.

      Please note – if you did not buy your frames from us, we reserve the right to deny repairing them if we feel our attempt to repair them would cause more damage, or if we do not have the supplies needed to repair your frames.

      Do I need to make an appointment to pick up my glasses when they come in?

      No. When we call you to tell you your glasses are in, you can come and pick them up at your earliest convenience.

      Eyeglasses FAQ:

      If I had my exam somewhere else can I still order glasses from you?

      Absolutely. We do not limit our customers to just our patients. If you had your exam elsewhere, as long as it is still current, you can always look through our selection of frames to pick the right glasses for you

      Will my insurance pay for my eyeglasses?

      This answer will vary depending up on the health insurance you carry and if you have an eyewear allowance. For an answer call the office with your current insurance information

      How long does it take to get my glasses back once I’ve ordered them?

      This all depends upon what frames you have chosen and what additional items you have added to your lenses. On average it takes 7-10 business days for your frames to return back to us.